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Auto-Dial Phones

This 2 inch wide telephone is designed to have the control module located remotely, up to 250 feet away from the unit itself. A call progress lamp is provided on the front of the unit for the benefit of the hearing impaired. When the CALL button is pressed, the lamp flashes to indicate a call being placed. When the call is answered, and the unit recognizes that someone is speaking to the unit, the lamp glows continuously.

Slim Automated Phone Entry

Model Number: DC-TEA3


When the button is pushed, the slim device calls a programmed telephone number. If the called number is busy or does not answer, it will hang up and dial the next number and so on up to 10 numbers. If all the back up numbers are busy or do not answer, the access control system will start at the first number.

When the call is answered, the resident has the choice to grant entry with their keypad or deny entry by hanging up. If the second relay is connected the resident can also control that device at this time with their keypad.

The phone can be programmed with a unique site ID. It will transmit the code as tones when the called party presses a key on their telephone. This allows identification of the call location even if the caller is unable to speak. A Decoder can be employed to automatically interpret the Site ID and display information regarding that site.


  • Perfect for Glass entries - unit fits on metal door mullion for a very clean installation.
  • Allows entrance for anyone whom does not normally gain entrance or does not have a key.
  • Allows contact for offices after hours.
  • Use to call security after hours for employee escort

Perfect for glass front entries. Fits exactly in the metal frame!

Telephone Entry in glass front entry



  • Ultra Slim design for 2 inch door mullion
  • Control module designed to be remotely located (up to 250 feet)
  • Automatically dials a programmed number up to 16- digits. The HF-2 can be programmed to autodial up to 10 numbers for added security.
  • Operates on 12V AC/DC
  • One output relays for control of one entrance and an optional second relay for one additional feature of choice (camera, extra door, etc)
  • Alarm shunt relay aids alarm management.
  • Remotely programmable from any touchtone phone.
  • Programmable site ID.
  • Non-corroding #316 Stainless Steel weather resistant enclosure with a tamper resistant security screw.
  • Slim design for easy mounting on glass entries - unit mounts on metal framing around door/windows.
  • Equipped with a call progress lamp for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Design - Hands-free auto-dial telephone
  • Capacity - Up to 10 numbers, each up to 16 digits in length.
  • Site ID - Programmable site ID
  • Programming - Remote via touch tone telephone.
  • Power - 110V/12VAC, 40A, Class 2 transformer included.
  • Output Rating: Power Relays: 5 amps @ 12 VDC or 1 amp @110VAC. Alarm Shunt Relay 250ma @ 12VAC.
  • Output Duration - Programmable, momentary up to 45 seconds.
  • Inputs - Push-to-exit button or postal lock box.
  • Telephone Line - Standard touch tone or rotary. Compatible with most PBX analog ports.
  • Mounting - Surface with flush or pedestal mounts available.
  • Construction:
    • Non-corroding #316 Stainless Steel weather resistant enclosure with back box and tamper resistant security screw.
  • Operating Temperature: -5ºF to +120º

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