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How One-way Traffic Spikes and Tire Spikes can Help Secure your Business.



Here at Security Product Solutions, we are always evaluating the most effective ways to protect your business and assets. Tire Spikes, which are referred to as traffic spikes in the industry, have been around for quite some time in the law enforcement industry. They use a form of tire spike called the caltrop, which are portable. Most business and homeowners, though, use road spikes that are either surface-mounted, or below ground. They are designed to direct traffic flow in a single direction and not allow access from the opposite direction. A company called Coyote has tire spikes for sale that will more than meet your needs. Both sets of tire deflation devices they sell are built for parking lots as well as home residents. These parking spikes are both affordable and easy to install, and are an excellent complement to many access control solutions.

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