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Item Number: TG-102, TG-103


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This Barrier gate series incorporates an intelligent design with many innovative technologies. It is manufactured with the most robust and state of the art machinery to guarantee satisfaction in quality and durability for years to come. With pressurized control crushing, it is also classified as one of the safest parking gates on the market.

LED and Non-LED Versions Available

Diagram of Parts

Barrier Gate LED Banner
Motor Overview Picture

Classified as one of the safest barrier gates on the market, this unit includes a pressurized control crushing system that automatically raises the arm, with minimal damage, should it come into contact with a person or vehicle.

The LED LiftGate includes a lite control interface. It can be activated by a wired keypad with an RF Receiver and any other access control system. For automatic closing of the gate arm you can add an optional magnetic loop. The unit includes an anti-crush protection system that will raise the arm in case a vehicle is underneath the traffic gate while it is closing. Its simple structure design provides simplicity and stability, while the engine of the barrier includes a special treatment that can be used in low temperature conditions.

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