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Security Product Solutions


Emergency Phones

Emergency Mass Notification System Pic

These interactive voice communication units are ideal for College and Corporate Campuses, parking facilities, and anywhere mass communication may be required.
Wireless and Wired Pressure Mats

Pressure Mats Image

Simple and effective activation trigger. Intrusion detection mat can be connected to various alarms.
Personal Security Products

Portable Motion Detector


Small, compact, and Industry grade security products, our portable battery operated motion detectors and miniature sirens pack a punch.
Portable Walk Through Metal Detector

Portable Walk Through Metal Detector JPEG

This metal detector is portable and able to be deployed in minutes.
Cellular Dialers



Pressure Mats Image

For immediate cell phone notification in an emergency.
Telephone Entry



Telephone Entry System

Telephone entry systems used to control visitor access
Wireless Voice Dialers


wireless voice dialer pic




Calls you when there is an emergency or alarm.
Personal Anti-theft System



Personal Anti-Theft picPersonal Anti Theft Thumbnail


Whenever protected property is taken outside the pre-set protected area, the alarm strobe sounds and voice dialer automatically calls up to 4 numbers.
Parking Lift Gates


Parking Gate Thumbnail

These industrial security products are used to control vehicular traffic.
Fingerprint Readers

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Thumbnail

Security fingerprint readers built for access control and time/attendance.
Night Vision Camera/Scope


Night Vision Camera thumbnail

For immediate cell phone notification in an emergency.
Security Cameras


Security Camera jpg


Security products specially used for surveillance.
Body Orifice Security Scanner


Body Orifice Scanner JPG

The B.O.S.S. is a fast, non-intrusive scanning security system used in many correctional facilities to search inmates for possible weapons.
Intelliscan Walk Though 33 Zone Metal Detector


Intelliscan Metal Detector Picture

Intelliscan walk through security  detector with 33 detection zones.
Surgical Instrument Detector


Hospital Metal Contraband Security Item jpg

Prevents expensive re-usable surgical instruments and tools from being inadvertently or carelessly discarded in surgical waste.
Security products are a commodity that many of us often overlook due to the fast paced commotion of our daily lives. Even though a quality security system may go unnoticed, security equipment and derivatives of security equipment hold an important facet in the world around us. That is why we specialize in security equipment and Access Control, which can be seen at Coyote If you would like info on their tire spikes then click on the following link. Even when a surveillance security system goes unused, it is still acting as a deterent for potential thefts. Studies show that you are actually roughly three times as likely to be robbed if you do not have some sort of security system. Fortunately, technology has allowed us to many times put these security products on auto-pilot, taking away frequent hands-on use, so that if a situation ever arises we can use them to potentially stop or prevent criminal or malicious activity. There is a common detachment between the average consumer and a well-rounded knowledge of the security products used today. This has caused retailers to sometimes provide products that are partially inadequate for the consumer's true needs. We understand that this lack of knowledge when it comes to security products may be in part due to the fact that getting a new security camera may not be viewed as exciting as getting the new Ipad for some people (we are not these people). Security, like any industry can be very overwhelming if you do not know exactly what you need and what you are looking for. Luckily Rizseo SEO has made it a little easier to find info online. But some of the products we sell can be confusing. We get that. So to help you purchase the security system that best fits your needs, we invite you to call us with any questions or help you may need. Whether you are an individual consumer or a large corporation, we guarantee the service you deserve. This is our passion.

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