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Latest in Explosives Detection

This explosive detector is an innovative, hand-held colorimetric screening device used for many different explosives and related energenic decomposition products. Its unique, miniaturized design is essentially a hand held laboratory system that is easily operated by non-technical personel, giving them the capability to quickly analyze hundreds of samples per day, on site.

Explosive Detector

Model Number: DCED01


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Explosive Detector Overview

Throughout the centuries, chemistry has been based on the usage of heat and reagents to extract or identify the essence of the sample, whether particle or liquid. For over one century, the reliable nanogram detection of samples containing explosives has been conducted under laboratory settings by skilled technicians. However, detection of explosives in non-laboratory settings requires substantially greater challenges, especially for non-technical personnel under stressful conditions. This explosive detector is the perfect solution for first responders to detect explosives in all types of weather and environments. The hand-held explosives detection unit weighs less than 1.5 pounds, detects over 30 of the worlds most commonly used explosives in less than 10 seconds for many and 20 seconds for the rest with no false positives. It has no calibration down time, three different power sources, is not affected by moisture, heat, altitude, cigarette smoke, or any petroleum products. This explosive detector is designed for the first responder; handheld, rugged, fast, and easy to use for the nanogram detection of primary and secondary explosives, gun propellant formulations, ANFO, and black powder.


Explosive Detector Features


  • Detect over 40 types of explosives
  • No false positives
  • Has no maintenance cost
  • Fully functional in any environment
  • Needs no calibration
  • Has no downtime
  • TSA Tested
  • PSDB Tested
  • Airforce Tested
  • All Weather
  • NO interferences
  • Over 30 kinds of explosives detected!
  • NO Calibration
  • Very low purchase price
  • NOT susceptible to environmental background
  • NO specialized maintenance


Explosive Detector Features
  • Ideal for First Responders!
  • Detects over 30 different explosives and energetic materials
  • One hand-held, rugged device for all explosives
  • Nanogram detection
  • Fully functional in any terrestrial environment
  • Weighs less than two pounds
  • Results in seconds
  • No lengthy calibration or re-calibration
  • No down time between samples
  • User friendly reagents
  • Not hampered with interferences
  • Easily analyzes any sample, even when taken from water
  • Explosive detector an be used at airports, border patrol, law enforcement, military, unexploded ordinance, security checkpoints, environmental surveys, ports of commerce, health, military scrap metal, demilitarization operations, and immigration

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