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Latest in Metal Detection

The Intelliscan 33 zone is a top of the line Walk-Through Security Metal Detector with unsurpassed features. Simple to use. This detector revolutionized security screening and continues to set the standard for advanced technology in metal detectors.

Intelliscan 33-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

Model Number: DC-INT33Z

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Target Identification Digital Signal Processing

The Intelliscan can operate in "All Metal Mode" or advanced "Discrimination Modes". Factory Presets and user programmable modes can target specific types of metal and alloys QUICKLY for enhanced loss prevention and detection.


The Intelliscan Multi-Zone Advantage


In addition to showing the location of targeted objects, this metal detector's multi-zones increase screening efficiency. It improves discrimination between weapons and harmless objects, reduces unwanted alarms and permits higher traffic flow rates. In high traffic locations, this translates into lower operating and capital costs. It increases productivity and efficiency and is ideal for event screening, nightclubs, bars, sports events, etc.

BEST OF ALL It's Much More Affordable than you might think!




Intelliscan Features
  • 33 Detection Zones
  • Discrimination Mode Capable
  • 20 Factory Programs & 4 User Define
  • Integrated Floor Mounting Boots
  • United States Patented technology
  • Tamper-proof Key switch and access code
  • Audible and Visual alarm for each zone
  • Level bar graph indicating alarm signal
  • Non-volatile memory for ultimate Security
  • Traffic Pacing Stop and Go Lights
  • 180 Degree View Angle Panel LEDs
  • Optional- Networking


General Metal Detector Features
  • 33 Independent Detection Zones
  • Advanced Discrimination Capabilities
  • Security Level Program Factory Presets
  • User Programmable Processor
  • Digital Signal Processing an Diagnostics
  • Interference Rejection Circuit
  • Adjustable Zone Sensitivity
  • Security Password
  • Continuous Wave Technology
  • Harmless to Pacemakers and Pregnant Women


Optional Features

  • Net Networking Software & Hardware
  • Wheel Kit for Easy Transporting
  • Back Up Battery System
  • Fiber Optic Remote Display
  • Executive Styling and Weather Proof Exterior Finishes Option

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