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Body Cavity Inmate Screening

The BOSS Body Cavity Search device is a non-invasive screening device used by DOC, prisons and jails across the country for safety, liability concerns. This body cavity inmate security detector screens for metallic contraband (weapons, knives,etc) hidden in body cavities of inmates. The B.O.S.S Body Orifice Security Scanner is fast, safe and an effective way for prison staff to quickly detect most metallic contraband hidden within a human body cavity such as the mouth, and human private parts. It's a fast, non-intrusive and reliable way to quickly scan inmates and visitors in prisons, jails and correctional facilities. These scanners are currently being used by many State and Federal corrections facilities. Provides a totwlly non-invasive screening method for searching inmates and even visitors for possession of illegal metallic contraband such as small weapons. It is as simple as having someone sit on a chair, and the detector does the rest of the work. Preset programs make screening fast and easy. Its as simple as sitting down on a chair and the BOSS does all the rest. Keeps your security staff safe.

Body Cavity Inmate Screening Chair

Model Number: DCF01


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Body Orifice Scanner Overview

This oral and body cavity scanner was designed to prevent weapons from entering detention and correctional facilities. It will target objects such as razor blades, paper clips, knives, and other potentially dangerous items that are particularly difficult to detect with basic walk through metal detectors, let alone manual physical searches. Eliminate any liability and safety concerns associated with strenuous manual pat-downs and body searches.

Reduce Violence

B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanner has proven to reduce lethal violence in most detention facilities. With lower staffing levels at most facilities because of budget cuts and prison and jail overcrowding authorities can more easily control the entry of unauthorized weapons which can and do enter detention facility.

Fast, Safe, and Efficient Body Screening


The oral cavity screening procedure is safe, fast and efficient. The person being screened simply positions his/her chin near the oral sensor and then momentarily simply sits down in the chair. The entire procedure takes just a few seconds. Magnetic field sensors housed in the seat of the body orifice scanner's chair and the oral sensor assembly automatically look for the presence of metal contraband. Audio and visual alarms are activated when metal is carried into the magnetic field. An alarm remains activated for the duration that an object is within the low intensity magnetic field.

A Unique Measurement Technique


The oral and body cavity detector's method is unique in so much that it detects for ferrous and non-ferrous metallic objects that are stationary or moving. Sensors installed within the chair assembly provide positive detection when a metal object is detected. Because of the design small objects are more reliably detected than with a conventional walk-through or hand held detector. In an article in the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center's (TECH BEAT MAGAZINE), it was reported that the B.O.S.S.'s oral cavity scanner detected contraband objects that were completely undetected by handheld scanners.

1. Oral

2. Abdomen

3. Anal/Vaginal

4. Leg/shin

5. Feet

Oral /Body Cavity Scanner Features




Body Orifice Detection Zones

Applications of the B.O.S.S. II

  1. Oral Cavity Sensor
  2. Abdominal Cavity Sensor
  3. Rectal-Vaginal Cavity Sensor
  4. Shin Area Sensor
  5. Foot Area Sensor
  • Prisons, Jails, and Detention Centers
  • Customs and Border Patrol Facilities
  • Precious Metal Mines and Refineries
  • Coin Counting Facilities
  • Protect against violent crime and lawsuit liabilities
  • Non-intrusive
  • Sanitary Body Cavity Searches
  • Loss Prevention Applications
  • Jewelry and Watch Manufacturing
  • Computer Component Manufacturing


Oral Cavity Screening Features
  • Instantaneous detection of metals concealed in or on the body.
  • Reliable non-intrusive Micro-controller based method of precious metal detection
  • Designed for detecting- oral -anal- or vaginally concealed metals
  • High sensitivity for all metal screening
  • Designed for loss prevention, as well as penal searches
  • Detects a single 1/8" diameter (4mm) gold shot
  • Detects SIMMS and other (CPU) processors

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