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This turnstile is designed for long life and durability, while incorporating the latest technology in turnstiles today. Applications often include settings such as schools, subways, lockers, stadiums, fairs, exhibition halls, airports, etc.

3-Arm Waist High Turnstile

Item Number: TUR-101


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Turnstile Modes of Operation

Card In/No Exit 
Card In/Card Out 
Card In/Free Exit 
Free In/Free Out 


The turnstile arm drops down automatically when the power goes off, and rises up automatically when power is back on. It incorporates a standard communication interface for all card readers with the corresponding interface. There is a LED direction indicator for the convenience of users and also an optional voice reminder and card reading memory function available.



  • Turnstile Dimmensions: 420 x 330 x 1000 mm.
  • Power Supply: 85~265 VAC/50HZ
  • Working Temperature: - 25 ~ 60
  • Relative Humidity: less than 95%, not dew
  • Input: +12V level pulse signal with pulse width >120 ms, drive current >10 mA
  • Communication Interface: RS485
  • Communication Distance: = 1200 m
  • Passing Efficiency: 35 persons/minute
  • Passage Width: = 600 mm
  • Weight: 58 Kg
  • Voltage: 110 Vac.

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