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Item Number: DC-SDC1


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This new security turnstile is designed for access control in high-traffic areas. Its stainless steel construction makes it ideal for subway and railway stations, sports facilities and all areas that require regulation of individual traffic flow.

Bi-directional, electro-mechanical tripod turnstile

Intenal View of Turnstile

The Internal Mechanism

The internal mechanism is equipped with an adjudstable hydrolic cushion, control logic, and an automatic unlocking mechanism for the tripod in case blackouts.

Enlargement of Door Push Bar Left Half

Built-in Control Board

The security turnstile incorporates an powerful, easy to use control board that provides the following functions:
  • Entrance and Exit Commands
  • Block Command
  • Emergency Command
  • Access Control Integration
Dimmensions Diagram

This security turnstile incorporates an outer structure made of scotch-brute finished stainless steel with a removable cover and key lock. The turnstile arm is also made of a polished stainless steel and lets you choose the entrance direction in the following way: Entrance, Exit, or only Entrance/Exit. The built-in control board manages the turnstile and provides the following commands:

  • Entrance and Exit Commands which clear the entrance for user passage - the tripod automatically blocks itself after passage, or rest timed closing, with lack of passage.
  • Block command that overrides entrance and exit commands.
  • Emergency Command overrides all other commands. Including the block command. Used for emergency like situations for automatic opening.
  • Integration with Access makes the security turnstile capable of taking additional command sensors to integrate other access control systems.
  • Power Supply (V): 24 D.C.
  • Current Draw (A): 2.5
  • Weight (Kg): 60
  • Operating Temperature (C): -20 - +55/ -4 - +131

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