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Alarm Auto Dialer

Item Number: DC-VD1


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This Alarm Auo Dialer automatically dials up to four telephone numbers and delivers one of two different messages when triggered by an alarm system.

It just works.

Wall Mounted Emergency Phone Strobe

How It works.

When the dialer is activated, the LCD will show the numbers dialed at each step of the dialing process. Once a connection is made, one of two possible 16 second voice messages will be delivered. The user can record each message to respond to one or two inputs.


The device repeats the voice message for one minute per call and waits 8 to 10 rings before dialing the next programmed number. An optional 9V internal battery provides standby power for approximately two to three days if power is lost.
Phone Intercom Picture
Wall Mounted Emergency Phone Strobe


A_DC adapter jack
B_Siren output jack
C_Sensor input connector
D_Telephone line connector
F_9 VDC battery compartment
H_Dial keys
I_Power switch
J_LCD display
K_MODE button
L_MEMORY button
M_VOICE button
N_DIP switches
  • Easily connects to an alarm panel and automatically dials out when activated.
  • 2 independent voice messages. Stores up to 4 telephone numbers, cellular numbers, or pager numbers.
  • Delivers a message of up to 16 seconds to each number stored.
  • Instant trigger or exit and entry delay settings.
  • Repeats the voice message for one minute per call.
  • Waits 8 to 10 rings before dialing the next programmed number
  • Calls two times when there is no answer or three times when the line is busy.
  • EEPROM retains memory if power is lost for up to one year.
  • Optional 9-Volt internal battery provides stand-by power for approximately two to three days.
  • Use worldwide because of Universal Dial Tone.
  • Use with PBX or regular telephone systems.
  • 2 NO/NC trigger inputs.

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