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Introducing The Latest in Emergency Communication

An Emergency Call Station is ideally used in a high traffic area as an additional security measure for public use. By having these stand alone call stations, people are continually reassured that police assistence is just a push of a button away. They come in an array of colors, making them easily visible from long distances, and unlike cell phones are capable of giving the dispatch center your exact location for a faster response.

Emergency Call Station

Model Number: DC-BL1


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The emergency call station was developed for use on college and business campuses as well as hospital sites. It has become one of our most popular units to date at many universities across the United States.


The emergency call station can be programmed with two buttons, one for emergency calls and one for informational calls, to better suit user's needs. Surveillance camera's can also be installed on the unit for additional security. A wireless option is also available which allows the unit to be stationed where traditional telephone lines cannot be used.

102” high X 11” wide triangular shape

Wall Mounted Emergency Phone Strobe

1,000,000 Candlepower Strobe/Area Light.

When the call button is pressed, the unit engages its primary relay, activating the polycarbonate protected emergency blue strobe/area light.

Stainless Steel Phone.

With a unidirectional microphone built into an acoustic chamber, a tough carbon fiber speaker, and a "call progress" lamp for the benefit of the hearing impaired, all tucked behind #316 stainless steel, this intercom system packs a lot of power into not a lot of space. As a result, these intercoms are the fastest, most reliable communication devices on the market at the time of an emergency.
Phone Intercom Picture
Wall Mounted Emergency Phone Strobe

Powder Coated.

With a remarkable ¼ inch of powder-coated steel, the finished surface is able to conquer intense sunlight, high humidity, acid rain, salt spray, grit, grime and other corrosive and abrasive elements. Our competitors use paint.

  • ¼ inch powder-coated steel
  • 102" High, 11 inches on a side of emergency call station
  • Intercom calls and public address calls can be initiated by remote attendant
  • Blue strobe/area light
  • Lighted panel
  • Emergency calls can only be terminated by remote attendant
  • Programmable site ID for optional Decoder
  • 16 digit 10 number rollover autodialing
  • Remotely programmable from any touch-tone telephone
  • Vandal-resistant polycarbonate protection for blue strobe and area light
  • Camera ready mountings
  • Camera ready relay
  • "Call Progress" lamp for ADA compliance
  • Tamper resistant cabinet security screws
  • 12 volt AC with phone line power back-up
  • Optional programmable voice call location identifier
  • Optional wide angle lens, low light level camera
  • Optional second push-to-call information button with two number rollover
  • Optional cellular wireless

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