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Parking and Traffic Arms

This Traffic Arm is a microprocessor-based parking control system that is designed to grant and restrict access within a vehicle traffic lane. The traffic arm is activated by a vend signal from an access control device. It can additionally act as a programmable lane controller, generate and store usage counts, monitor lane operations, and provide reporting capabilities. traffic spikes are also a very good accessory.

Traffic Arm

Item Number: TG-101

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Traffic Arm Design and Function

This Traffic Arm Barrier Gate provides microcomputer intelligence, multiple programming options, and on-board controls for a complete user-friendly experience.

Vehicle Detectors

Three built-in and automatically self-tuning vehicle detectors are available on the traffic arm. These high-speed detectors provide a sensitive tailgate recognition system that is capable of recognizing two separate vehicles traveling over a magnetic detector loop simultaneously. Diagnostics and metering tools are also built into the controller.

Durability You Can Count On

The traffic arm is extremely durable, protected from the harshest environments with a heavy-gauge aluminum cabinet armored with an element-resistant finish which keeps your installation looking clean and new for years of rust-free service.

Sensitive Traffic Arm Reversal

An advanced, maintenance-free safety and monitoring system is designed into every traffic arm system. It provides safer gate operations by instantly sensing gate arm obstructions. The system also features self-tuning capabilities.




Traffic Arm Features


  • Traffic Arm Body made of aluminum.
  • Arm made of wood or aluminum.
  • Heavy duty motor and torque of 1/3 HP.
  • The motor has thermal overload switch.
  • Service 10000 daily operations.
  • Supply voltage 110 Vac.
  • Configuration Module
  • Three built-in vehicle detector
  • Total stat counts
  • Automatic time zone controls
  • Hourly statistical reports
  • Directional Movement Control
  • Communications Interface


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