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This is a multi-biometric time attendance and access control facial recognition and fingerprint reading terminal.

Biometric Facial and Fingerprint Reader

Model Number: DC-BF2


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This is a multi-biometric time attendance and access control terminal. With a modern stylish design, it combines Facial, Fingerprint, RFID and PIN recognition. Equipped with our latest facial identification algorithm, it captures the relative position, size and shape of user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw features. These feature templates are used to match feature data when users register on the terminal, converting the captured features into value and comparing these to eliminate variance. Integrated with our newest and most advanced fingerprint reader algorithm, it ensures high precision fingerprint identification. The fingerprint reader integrates a 630MHz high speed Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera allows user identification in dark environments. Ideal for Time and Attendance Management, this series can operate on standalone mode, and also offers simple access control features, providing a complete easy-to-use system for small to medium installations.



  • Elegant Time & Attendance and simple access control
  • Incorporates ZK fingerprint sensor and standard RFID EM reader
  • It can hold up to 700 faces, 3000 fingerprint templates and 10.000 users.
  • Optionally, it can include other proximity readers as Mifare, HID, etc…
  • Stores up to 100.000 log records without PC download.
  • Allows communication with PC through Ethernet, RS-232/485
  • Optionally, allows GPRS communications
  • Events management (doctor, personal issues, etc…)
  • 4.3’’ TFT touch screen with advanced menu management
  • Includes 6 function keys defined by user
  • Multiple Languages
  • Standard SDK

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