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Community Telephone Entry Systems

This unit has a capacity of up to 400* telephone numbers and up to 400* personal entry codes. It is constructed of rugged materials and is well suited to the access needs of residential and commercial properties. Its long-lasting, brush-finish, stainless steel housing and backlit directory with thick acrylic lens offers decades of durable service

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Model Number: DC-TEG2


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The unit uses an ordinary telephone line to provide positive access control for up to 400 residences. Visitors view the directory for the directory code for the resident they wish to visit. They then press the 'Start' button and enter that code. The device then silently speed dials the resident's full telephone number. The resident is alerted to the visit in the same manner as receiving any other telephone call.

After the resident answers the entrance call, visitor access may be granted or denied. The resident presses '0' on his keypad to activate the entry system and grant entry. Otherwise, pressing '7' will hang-up and deny visitor entry.

Residents may gain entry at the apartment/door entrance by using their direct entry code, proximity card or RF transmitter.


  • Provides resident controlled guest access for apartments, condos and office buildings.

Add RF Remotes to this unit for easy entry! This allows authorized people to open the relay/door strike/gate at their convenience.

Remote Control for Telephone entry system.



  • Available in 24, 50, 125, 200, 300, or 400 resident capacities
  • Operates on 12v AC or Dc.
  • Capacity includes a telephone number, directory code and direct entry code for each resident.
  • Built-in paper directory of for resident names and resident codes
  • Resident telephone numbers may be up to 12 digits
  • Integrated Postal Lock
  • Rotary or touch-tone compatible
  • Programmable Site ID
  • Non-corroding, # 316 Stainless Steel, weather resistant, enclosure with 'tamper resistant' security screws.
  • High clarity carbon microphone in an acoustical chamber for enhanced sound pickup.
  • Double-baffled speaker for communications
  • One output relay standard, second optional.
  • Alarm shunt relay aids alarm management.
  • Optional automatic unlock schedules via built-in 7-Day clock.
  • Optional printer support allows recording events as they occur.
  • Optional Modem and Integrated Camera
  • Optional support RF receivers and remotes
  • Optional L.E.D. Lighted Hood

  • Design - Hands-free speaker telephone with internal auto dial capability and remote control of relays.
  • Directory - Built-in, 3 x 7 inch, backlit directory displays 38 lines of 12 point type, 45 lines of 10 point type. Use 9. point type for 50 lines.
  • Capacity - 24, 50, 125*, 200*, 300*, or 400* residents. Capacity includes 1 to 4 digit directory code, 4 digit direct entry code, and up to 12 digit telephone number for each resident.
  • *Note: Requires additional Directory
  • Site ID - Programmable 4 digit code.
  • System Security - Program access code and tamper code.
  • Dial Mode - Allows active keypad after dial out.
  • Call Length - Unrestricted, or limited from 1 to 4 minutes.
  • Programming: Directly on keypad, or remotely via touch-tone telephone.
  • Power - lI0V/12VAC, 40VA, Class 2, transformer included.
  • Output Ratings:
    • Power Relay: 5 AMPS @ 12VDC or 1 AMP @ ll OVAC Alarm Shunt Relay: 250ma @ 12VAC Output Duration. Programmable; momentary to 45 3econds, or latched.
  • Inputs - Keypad direct entry, or postal lock box/ push to-exit button.
  • Telephone Line - Standard touch-tone or rotary. Dedicated or extension line.
  • Mounting - Surface.
  • Postal Lock - Allows keyed access to postman.
  • Construction -
    • Non-corroding #316 Stainless Steel enclosure with tamper resistant' security screws.
    • Double baffled, underwater rated, fiber material speaker.
    • High quality carbon microphone in an acoustical chamber

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