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Select your type of Emergency Mass Notification System



Emergency Phone Tower

Excellent choice for walkways, parks, college and commercial campus areas.


Wall Mounted Notification System

Excellent choice for parking decks, dorm entrances, hallways and public transit centers.

pole-mounted-coummunication-unit -jpg

Pole/Wall Communication Unit

Good choice for dorm and building entrances, hallways and transit centers.

When an emergency arises, the ability to communicate with a large number of people can be a critical tool in keeping the area safe. Many of our emergency notification systems are used for protecting and securing walkways, parking lots, college and commercial campus areas, and anywhere an emergency notification phone is required. Our mass notification systems range from freestanding phone towers to wall and poll mounted units. A major aspect of security is public awareness, which is why most of our notification units are brightly colored, making them highly visible. Wherever situated, these telephone systems are an affordable way of putting the publics mind at ease.

Some of the benefits from using a Mass Notification System Include:

· Reduced expense for officer patrolling.
· Reduced liability.
· Increased sales/enrollment due to safe environment.
· Notification Systems can act as an information source to pedestrians.

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