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This is a single resident, hands-free telephone entry system for use at a single residence. It uses the resident's existing telephone line for communication and access control. However, since calls do not go into the telephone company network, there are never any charges for calls made from the entry phone system.

Single Residence Door and Gate Phone Entry

Model Number: DC-TEH1

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The visitor simply presses the “Call” button on the front of the gate phone to alert the resident as to their presence. The unit then automatically rings the resident’s telephone. When the call is received, the resident may grant the visitor access by pressing the designated number on their touch-tone telephone keypad. To deny access, they simply hang up.

Residents may gain entry by using a programmable 4-digit “keyless” entry code on the front of the entry phone. Up to 50 such easily voided codes can be set. Codes may be given to gardeners, pool maintenance, and such to avoid issuing keys and potentially expensive re-keying later.

Residents will know when a visitor is requesting entry, even if they are using their telephone at the time. A tone will notify the resident of the incoming call. They then will press the “#” key on a touch-tone telephone to place the outside call on hold. When the visitor at the gate has been granted or denied access, the resident can then return to their outside call by simply pressing the “#” key again. A Simple and cost efficient way to grant access through any door or gate, while providing superior access control and safety.


  • Provides resident controlled guest access for single family residence.
  • Allows gate entry with "No Additional Phone Charges"

Add RF Remotes to this unit for easy entry! This allows authorized people to open the relay/door strike/gate at their convenience.

Remote Control for Telephone entry system.



  • Camera Ready Knockout
  • Touch-tone compatible
  • Remotely programmable from resident's phone.
  • L.E.D. Back-lit Button & Keypad
  • Beautifully polished and line-grained, non-corroding #316 Stainless Steel enclosure and faceplate
  • Tamper resistant security screws assure security of system.
  • Built in 7-Day clock, allows the creation of automated unlock schedule
  • Unidirectional microphone in a high fidelity acoustical chamber for optimum audio clarity
  • High power, underwater rated speaker, assures clear communications to visitor.
  • Two output relays allow control of an entrance plus other security device.
  • 'Call waiting' is a standard feature.
  • Handsomely lit front panel adds a warm welcome to any entrance.
  • Surface or flush mount designs to meet a wide range of styling needs.

  • Design - Hands-free style telephone with internal auto dial capability.
  • Capacity - Single-residence, single-line, "No Phone Charge" system. Includes 50 programmable, 4-digit "keyless" entry codes.
  • Programming - Locally at the keypad or from any touch tone telephone in the residence.
  • System Security - Program access code prevents unauthorized dialing even via tone injection.
  • Telephone Line - Shares the residence's standard touch-tone voice grade service line. .
  • Output - Two output relays rated 5 Amps at 12VDC or 1 Amp at 120VAe. Relays duration is programmable from momentary to 99 seconds. Programming and 7-Day clock feature allows automatic unlock schedule for each relay
  • Input - Keypad is active for direct pin code input. Postal lock circuit accepts "open" input signals from special devices such as key switches, loop detectors, etc.

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