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Traffic Gates

Emergency Mass Notification System Pic

  • 10-number rollover autodial
  • Electronic Site ID
  • (2) 5 amp dry contact relays
  • ADA “call progress” lamp
  • Optional Camera
  • Turnstiles

    DC Mini Pic

  • 8 Line Font LCD directory on face
  • (3) 5 amp form C relay
  • 12V AC or DC operation
  • Optional Camera
  • US Postal Lock Compatible
  • Telephone Entry

    Portable Motion Detector

  • Postal lock compatible
  • Front panel lighting
  • (1) 5 amp form C relay
  • ADA compliant keypad
  • 12V AC or DC operation
  • DC III

    Portable Walk Through Metal Detector JPEG

  • Remotely programmable
  • 7-day clock
  • Up to 50 visitor/temp codes avail
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • About our Access Control Systems

    Telephone entry systems are used as a reliable and efficient method for controlling visitor access at secure entry points. They work by providing direct two-way verbal communication between the entry point and someone, often remotely located, with the authority to grant access. Entry control systems can be used in a multitude of different environments, ranging from apartment complexes, office buildings, gated communities, and even some tailored specifically to single-family homes. Our telephone entry systems can be broken down into three main categories; auto-dial entry control, home visitor entry control, and multiple residence entry control. Each is designed with unique aspects and advantages to best suit the users diverse needs. The three categories are briefly described below:

    Auto-dial Entry Control

    These telephone entry systems store and dial pre-programmed numbers that are automatically called when a user presses the button on the device. If a call goes unanswered, our devices are capable of calling an additional nine backup numbers. Once a connection is made, access can be granted.

    Home Visitor Entry Control

    Deigned specifically for private residence use. One major advantage of our home visitor entry control systems is that there is absolutely no phone charge involved. Not only do they allow residents to allow entry when home, but they are also capable of call forwarding an access request when residents are not home.

    Multiple Residence Entry Control

    (Our corporate/industrial telephone entry systems) – Ideal for apartment complexes, office buildings, and situations when the user determines the number to be dialed. Once communication is made, the resident can allow access by pressing a tone on their phone.

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