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An Emergency Call Box is a pole or wall mounted unit typically used in a high traffic area as an additional security measure for pedestrians. By having these stand alone call boxes, people are constantly reassured that police assistence is just a push of a button away. They are easily visible from long distances, and unlike cell phones give the dispatch center your exact location for a faster response.

Emergency Call Box

Model Number: DC-BL2


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The Emergency Call Box series was developed for use on college campuses and hospital sites. It has become one of our most popular towers to date at many universities across the United States.The call box is available with an area light or with a combination blue light/strobe in the compact version. The Compact emergency call box works especially well in parking structures or any other low profile areas.


Person using Emergency Call Box in park
  • Emergency Call Box Design - Handsfree speaker telephone. Single button operation.
  • Capacity - Up to 10 numbers, each up to 16 digits in length.
  • Response Assurance - Unit cannot be disabled by pressing call button after Emergency Mode operation sequence is started. Only remote attendant can terminate call.
  • Site ID - Programmable 4 digit code.
  • Programming - Remote via touch - tone telephone.
  • Power - 100 VA 1 phase 60 hz, transformer included.
  • Output Ratings - Power Relays: 5 AMPS at 12 VDC or 1 AMP at 110VAC
  • Output Duration - Duration of call
  • Inputs - Push-for-help button.
  • Telephone Line - Standard touch-tone or ratary. Dedicated or extension line
  • Mounting - Surface/pole
  • Construction:
    • Noncorroding #316 Stainless Steel.
    • Touch Carbon Fiber speaker.
    • Unidirectional microphone in an acoustical chamber
    • Braille ADA compliant plate.
  • Operating Temerature: -5 degrees F to +120 degrees F

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