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Multiple Residence Telephone Entry Systems

This slimline entry phone features a high resident capacity. community telephone entry system has It is constructed for industrial outdoor use. Its long-lasting brush-finish stainless steel housing complements its thin streamline design. A matching flush-mount trim or lighted hood may be added for an additional charge.

Mini-Community Slimline Entry phone with keypad

Model Number: DC-TEG4

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This entry phone will allow visitors to enter a 4-digit enty code (features a strong armoured keypad) which will be assigned to call one (1) of ten (10) different phone numbers with auto-dial roll-over. The 4-digit entry code can be easily obtained from a nearby paper directory or list posted on or next to the phone. Once a call is placed the person reciving the call can grant access for up to two doors or simply just communicate with the person standing next to the phone. Once the four digit entry code is entered the phone will automatically speed dial the assigned telephone numbers (up to ten) which are pre-programmed in. This is done by simply calling the phone from another phone and entering in the phone numbers via the secure menu.

This phone was designed for secure community access at apartments, condos, buildings, etc., It will also allow the receiving person to grant or deny visitor access. Visitor my be granted access by simply pressing the zero key "0" on the phone keypad. this will activate the phone entry system and thereby grant entry through the front door or gate. Pressing the 7 key will hang-up the call and deny any visitor access.

Residents may also gain entry by simply entering their assigned access code. They press the '#' key followed by their personal 4-digit entry code


  • Provides resident with a safe and secure method to controlled guest access at apartments, condos and dormitories.
  • Allows for secure entry control at most apartments, condos, buildings, etc.

RF Remotes can also be added for fast, easy entry! This allows authorized people to open the relay/door strike/gate at their convenience.

Remote Control for Telephone entry system.



  • Capacity includes a telephone number, directory code, and direct entry code for each resident.
  • Operates on 12VAC or DC.
  • Resident telephone numbers may be up to 12 digits.
  • Rotary or touch-tone compatible.
  • Programmable Site ID using a voice chip.
  • Remotely programmable from any touch tone telephone.
  • Slim design for easy mounting.
  • Non-corroding # 316 Stainless Steel weather resistant enclosure with 'tamper resistant' security screws.
  • High clarity carbon microphone in a high fidelity acoustical chamber for enhanced sound pickup.
  • Double-baffled speaker for improved communication.
  • Single output relay (second relay optional).
  • Alarm shunt relay aids alarm management.
  • Optional Modem.
  • Optional support of Weigand 26 protocol card readers.
  • Optional 7-Day clock allows the creation of automatic unlock schedules.
  • Optional L.E.D. Lighted Hood provides better visibility

  • Design - Hands-free speaker telephone with internal auto dial capability and remote control of relays
  • Dial Mode - Allows active keypad after dial out
  • Site ID - Provides phone location using a voice chip
  • Call Length - Unrestricted, or limited calls from 1 to 4 minutes
  • Programming - Directly on keypad, or remotely via touchtone telephone.
  • Power - 120VAC/12VAC, 40VA, Class 2, transformer included (may operate on DC).
  • Output Ratings Power Relay(s): 2 x 5 AMPS @ 12VDC or 1 AMP @ 1l0VAC Alarm Shunt Relay: 250ma @ 12VAC Output Duration - Programmable; momentary to 45 seconds, or latched.
  • Telephone Line - Standard touch-tone or rotary. Dedicated or extension line.
  • Mounting - Flush or weather mount
  • Construction:
    • Non-corroding #316 Stainless Steel weather resistant enclosure and back plate with 'tamper resistant' security screws.
    • Double baffled, underwater rated, fiber material speaker.
    • High quality carbon microphone in an acoustical chamber
  • Operating Temperature: -5ºF to +120º

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