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Multiple Residence Telephone Entry Systems

Capacity up to 1,000 residents makes this Telomax phone something you can grow into. Constructed for outdoor use. Its long-lasting brushed stainless steel finished housing will keep it looking like the day you bought it, unlike any painted phone, which will eventually chip and fade. A matching weqrher mount or flush-mount trim-ring is included. Provides superior access control and resident privacy for an affordable price.

MiniGard 4 LCD

Model Number: DC-TEG6

Just $1895.00

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12”h x 4.2” w x 2”d


The MiniGard LCD 4-line display is a hands free multi-number, telephone entry system designed for both resident and commercial visitor control. Visitors contact the desired tenant by entering a simple directory code gained from the built-in electronic directory. The resident can then grants or denies access. The resident can utilize keyless entry by using the individually assigned access code entered on the keypad. Each phone has an optional Internet programmable feature for adding and removing names and phone numbers.

After the resident answers the entrance call, visitor access may be granted or denied. The resident presses '0' on his keypad to activate the phone entry system and grant entry. Otherwise, pressing '7' will hang-up and deny visitor entry.

Residents may gain entry at by using their direct entry code. They press the '#' key followed by their personal code


  • Allows for safer guest access at apartments, condos, dormitories.
  • Provides superior access control for commercial buildings.

Add RF Remotes to this unit for faster entry! This allows authorized people to open the relay/door strike/gate at their convenience.

Remote Control for Telephone entry system.



  • Standard 1,000-unit capacity.
  • RS232 and RS485 and 56K Modem included.
  • Greeting and instruction screen.
  • Provides resident controlled guest access for apartments.
  • Allows secured entry for office buildings.
  • Assures privacy for condominium owners.
  • Built-in relays allow positive entrance control in gated communities.
  • Four line, 16 character, scrolling back lighted LCD display.
  • Low profile 4.2" door width.
  • 110VAC to 12 volt AC or 12 volt DC powered.
  • Three 5 amp form C relays.
  • ADA compliant keypad.
  • Supports all Weigand 26 bit protocol.
  • Full duplex speakerphone communication.
  • 12"H x 4¼"W x 2"D.
  • #316 wraparound stainless steel.
  • Capacity includes a name, telephone number, directory code, and direct entry code for each resident.
  • Up to 16 digit resident telephone numbers per resident code.
  • Rotary or touch-tone compatible.
  • 7-day clock allows the creation of automatic unlock schedules.
  • Printer support allows recording events as they occur.
  • Programmable site ID.
  • Direct and Remote programming from PC.

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