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Night Vision Scope/Camera

High Performance Night Vision with Image Capture . The only night vision device that takes pictures too. It is the perfect solution for law enforcement needing a surveillance tool that can also capture an image for evidence.

Night Vision Camera w/ Image Capture

Model Number: DC2005

Price $1,300
Our Price: $1,275

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The main points that distinguish it from other night vision are that it...
1. Uses new digital CCD technology replaces intensifier tube with a microprocessor
2. Incorporates the ability to take a photo that police can use as evidence
3. Does not require a USA export license


Camera Features

· Saves Images to Memory Card

· Light Amplification Adjustable from 300x to 10,000x

· Video Streaming

· 2.6x Magnification

· Compact Tripod with Window Mount

· Hard Protective Carrying Case

· Performance Surpasses Gen 2

· Programmable

· Enhanced Infrared Emitter

· Edge to Edge Clarity

· Powered by four AA alkaline batteries


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A Night Vision Camera You Can Count On!

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