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Mounted Voice Communications Systems

This mounted voice communication system is an excellent choice for protecting and securing walkways, parking lots, college and commercial campus areas, open areas and anywhere a voice communication system is required. Wherever situated, these telephone systems are an affordable way of putting the publics mind at ease.

Wall-Mounted Emergency Voice Communication System

Model Number: DC301

The InterAct™ 500 series communication unit meet the needs for a cost effective, highly reliable product for multi-level parking decks, stairwells, hallways and building entrance applications. These line-powered phones feature single or dual solid-state button activation, two high intensity LED indicators, a cast metal bezel assembly and stainless steel housings for surface or lush mount applications.The voice communication system also has conformal-coated electronics to support both indoor and outdoor installations. Each model includes a built-in contact closure that may be used to activate a strobe or camera or can be used for door access applications.The two piece housing on the surface mount models allows the back plate to be mounted and pre-wired during the rough-in phase and the faceplate/electronics assembly set in place near the end of the project. The lush mount version includes the lush mounting box and has an oversized faceplate to eliminate additional trim work. Accessories include Blue beacon lighting, remote mount strobes, identiication signage and curb mount pedestals to support a wide range of installations.


Communication Unit Features

• Two piece housing construction

• Exclusive microphone chamber & assembly

• Two Hi-intensity LED indicators
• Piezo-electronic buttons

• ADA compliant faceplate bezel with raised lettering and braille

• 3.5 inch-12 watt speaker

• Silk-screened text

• 0 to 16 digits touch tone location ID.

• Built in dialer accommodates six 16-digit

numbers or ring down setting.

• Phone line powered

• Remotely programmable

• Operating temperature range of -22°F to 150°F (tested to -40°F) for indoor or outdoor applications.

• Built in contact closure (auxiliary) output for strobe or camera activation.

• Automatically redials or dials new phone number on busy signal or ring no answer.

• Disconnects on busy, #, return of dial tone, programmable timer, CPC or repetitive tones.

• Capacitor integrated circuit design, no batteries required.


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A Voice Communication System You Can Count On!

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