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Personal Anti-Theft System

This wireless personal anti-theft system provides freedom of movement for personal property within protected area. Whenever protected property is taken outside the pre-set protected area, the Alarm Strobe sounds and Voice Dialer Automatically calls up to 4 numbers.

Cellular Auto Voice Dialer

Model Number: DC2005

Price $360.00

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This anti-theft system is minature and attaches discretely or hidden inside property and constantly transmits wireless pulses every 10 seconds. Whenever the property is moved from the protective range that you have preset, (adjustable 3 feet to 1,000 feet), the Receiver - Dialer-Alarm system sounds the alarm and calls cell phones, pagers and telephones, delivering your preprogrammed voice message in any language, to any location in the the world.

Ideal for Homes, Yards, Business, Sports equipment and vehicles, Construction sites, Remote cabins, Boats, Motorcycles, Bikes, Boats and virtually anything that can be stolen or moved outside protected area. Water resistant and 5 year battery.

Utilizing the world's most advanced 900 MHz Spread Spectrum wireless technology, it provides Protection from thieves and Freedom for you.




User Friendly Control Panel With Programmable Memory
Split Cognitive In Form and Function




Single Person Portability




Head To Toe, Zone Specific Detection
100 Levels Of Adjustable Sensitivity
For Use In Demanding Environments



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A Personal Anti-Theft-System You Can Count On!

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