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Latest in Mailroom Explosive Detection

Invest in the best portable desk-top electronic mail scanner available today! Designed to detect the presence of specific unsafe metallic materials used in the construction of every known type of letter bomb or small package.

Portable Electronic Mail Scanner

Model Number: DCscanner

Price $3,999
Our Price: $3,495

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Mail Scanner Overview

It automatically finds suspect items of mail while reliably ignoring office supplies such as paperclips and staples. Over 10,000 units used in government agencies, police departments, high security locations and corporate mailrooms, and private business.



Mail Scanner Features

• Compact and portable

• Screens parcels up 6cm (Approx. 2½") thick or 15"x 2.5" inches

• Fast and reliable

• Automatic detection of suspect items triggers the alarm.

• Both visual and audio alarms

• No calibration. Simply plug in and use

• Won't damage magnetic media or camera film

• No false alarms will automatically discriminate paper clips and staples, etc.

• No ongoing maintenance



General Metal Detector Features
  • Integral backup battery (inside unit) for use where power supply is absent or lost. Automatic recharge.
  • Also Incorporates Back-up circuitry which can be switched on in the unlikely event of a unit malfunction. Back up circuitry with the press of a button (2 separate circuits for Double Protection...just in case)
  • All parts are modular and easy to replace.
  • No calibration required. Simply plug in and use.
  • Power Supply Switch able 110/220V +/- 15%, Single-phase 50/60 Hz
  • Stand by 12 V DC nominal Internal fused at 4.0A.
  • Battery High Duty Cycle, Sealed, Maintenance free, lead acid type. Fused at 2.0 amp
  • Stand by operation 3-5 hours (may vary)
  • Temperature 0 -30 C


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