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The M-Scope walk-through metal detector provides portable and permanent security solutions worldwide. Whether it is protecting the schools and courts in America, a train station in London, or Olympic events in China, the M-Scope earns its reputation as “the world’s most versatile walk-through metal detector.”

8 Channels Standalone DVR

Model Number: ADR8008ST

Price $790
Our Price: $750

ADR8008ST Series Digital Video Recorder combines with the advanced H.264 video encoding and decoding standard and maintains high performance rock-solid reliability and longer recording service time.
ADR8008ST Digital Video Recorder can be used as a standalone video surveillance product, as well as to build up a powerful surveillance network which is suitable for home or small-scale business applications.


l PAL/NTSC adaptive video inputs.
l H.264 video compression.
l OggVorbis audio compression standard.
l Independent video encoding parameters, including frame rate, resolution, bit rate, video quality, etc.
l Scheduled and event recording parameters configurable for per individual camera.
l Support dual stream.
l Encoding for both audio/video composite stream and video stream; audio and video synchronization during composite stream encoding.
l Compression, storage and network transmission of video image at 4CIF or CIF resolution.
Local Monitoring
l Up to 1024×768 resolution for VGA output display.
l VGA and CVBS video output.
l 1/4/9-camera video live view, with the camera order adjustable.
l Group switch, manual switch and automatic cycle modes selectable forvideo live view, with the auto cycle period configurable.
l Digital zoom in live view mode.
l Shield of assigned channel for live view.
l Privacy masking capability.
l Multiple PTZ protocols supported, and settings and callup of presets, patrols and patterns.
l Video image zoom-in by clicking the mouse and tracing by dragging mouse in PTZ control mode.
Hard Disk Management
l Connection to 2 SATA hard disks supported, with up to 2TB storage capacity.
l S.M.A.R.T technology.
l HDD standby function.
l HDD file system is compatible with Windows. Use pre-allocating hard disk management technology, and no disk fragments.
l Cycle and non-cycle recording mode.
l Scheduled and event video encoding parameters.
l 8 recording time periods with separate recording types.
l Pre-record and Post-record time for alarm and motion detection, and pre-record time for schedule and manual recording.
l Lock and unlock of video files.
l Video data search and playback by channel number, recording type, time etc.
l Digital zoom function in playback mode.
l Pause, play fast, play slow, skip forward, and skip backward when playback, locating in progress bar by dragging the mouse.
l 8-channel synchronous playback.
l Record files backed up via USB device.
l Bunch backup by file or by time.
l Record files edited for backup in playback.
l Management and maintenance for backup devices.
Alarm & Exception
l Various alarm types supported: alarms for video loss, motion detection, video tempering, video signal abnormal, video in/out format unmatched, illegal access, network disconnection, IP conflict, hard disk error and hard disk full.
l Various alarm response actions supported: camera recording, relay out, on-screen warning, audible warning and upload to center, etc.
l Auto recovery from exceptions.
l Control of DVR via front panel keys, mouse, IR remote control and special keyboard.
l Three-level user management, each user with individual operating permission for DVR and camera.
l Powerful record and search for log of operation, alarm and exceptions.
l Import/export of device configuration files.
l 10/100M adaptive network interface.
l TCP/IP protocol suites, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, SADP protocols, etc.
l TCP, UDP and multicast;
l Remote search, playback and download, lock/unlock of video files;
l Remote access and configuration of parameters; remote import/export of device configuration parameters.
l Remote access of device running status, system log and alarm status.
l Remote formatting of hard disk, upgrade, reboot/shutdown and other system maintenance operations.
l Event alarm and exceptions upload to remote management host.
l Remote manual recording.
l Remote video image capture in JPEG format.
l Remote PTZ control.
l Voice talk and broadcast.
l Built-in WEB Server.


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