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Latest in Direct-Reading Spectroscopy

This spectroscope for sale effieciently provides quick and accurate qualitative analysis of all of the major elements by utilizing a unique film comparison technique. Identification and elimination films along with special lines of maximum sensitivity are used during semi-quantitative analysis. Solids as well as liquids can be analyzed.

Spectroscope for Sale

Model Number: DCspec


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Spectroscope Operation Overview

Standard spectrograms of the elements are recorded on special transparent mylar films, built into the spectroscope. These are illuminated by continuous spectra generated by the electrode tips so that their lines appear in their true spectral colors. The lines of the standard and those of the corresponding element in the sample may be compared and matched side by side to give proof-positive identification. The effect is the same as if two known, pure specimens were being burned and matched against the unknown, one on either side. The comparison of the observed pattern with its master film makes the identification complete. It is like fitting a key into a lock. Each notch of the key corresponds to a tumbler of the lock. So with the spectrum. Each coincidence of a line of the spectrum with an immediately adjacent standard line is highly accurate in itself. When such coincidences are multiplied the possibility of error is eliminated.


  • MINERALOGY - The system makes possible the rapid and precise identification and quantitative evaluation of all common and most of the rare elements occurring in minerals.
  • MINING - Due to its rugged construction and simple operation it can be used right at the mine site and provide immediate analytical feedback.
  • FIELD EXPLORATION - Coupled to a suitable motor-generator it is ideal for field surveys where quick, precise checks have to be made and where expensive time-consuming analysis at headquarters is to be avoided.
  • SPECTROSCOPE USED DURING OCEANOGRAPHY - The spectroscope can be used on a ship and can take the rough handling and pitching to be expected. The Quantrex attachment is useable during the most difficult storm conditions.
  • INORGANIC CHEMICAL ANALYSIS - All the major inorganic elements have master films and very rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis can be obtained with the minimum of training.
  • BACKUP FOR ATOMIC ABSORPTION - A quick qualitative scan of all possible elements can be made prior to AA determination. The Quantrex attachment will determine a preliminary quantitation while avoiding the delicate complexities of the typical AA system.
  • TEACHING - Both the qualitative and quantitative features make the system ideal for introducing students to basic spectroscopy both at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • CRIME DETECTION - This spectroscope for sale occupies very little space and provides rapid analysis at low cost for crime labs.

Comments by Users

“The spectroscope presents a very distinctive advantage in the utility of a small and inexpensive apparatus for qualitative and semi-quantitative spectrum analysis and should be inestimable value in a mineralogical or metallurgical laboratory.”

Professor Welton J. Crook
Stanford University

“With the many new ideas regarding minerals and methods for their study that must be introduced into an elementary course, something of the old has to go. It has been a difficult problem for me, and I imagine for other instructors, to decide what to leave out. The chemistry of minerals must remain, but any techniques that save time in determination of constituent elements leaves more time in the laboratory for other things. This is what we found to be the greatest value of the Spectroscope. It eliminated many of the old blowpipe tests and supplementary wet chemical tests by giving comparable results in a shorter time. The spectroscope has also been used by graduate students for a quick check for the elements present in some of their unknown minerals.”

Dr. Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Jr.
Professor of Mineralogy
Harvard University

“This is a superior instrument with over 1,000 units on the market. it is used by universities as a teaching tool. Designed for hign volume use and years of dependable service. Some of the benefits include: It generates new interest in quantitative analysis, understanding of spectra theory and qualitative and quantitative techniques never before possible.”

Professor of Chemistry
California State College

“The spectroscope is very convenience and easy to use. I am using the Vreeland as an experiment in the Qualitative Analysis Lab. It is used as many as 200 times a month and reinforces students previous knowledge of atomic spectra.”

Professor of Chemistry, Michigan




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