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Destined Commodities, Inc.- a Texas based Corporation.

Terms of Sale Agreement -Terms and Conditions of Sale Agreement


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Welcome to otherwise referred to hereafter as "SPS" and Destined Commodities, Inc. otherwise referred to hereafter as "DCINC" This site is provided as a service to our visitors and customers. Please review the following basic rules that govern the use of our site (the "Agreement"). Please note that your use of our website constitutes your full agreement to follow and be bound by the terms stated herein. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this website.

Although you may "bookmark" a particular portion of this site and thereby bypass this Agreement, your use of this website nonetheless still binds you to these terms and conditions. Note that SPS / DCINC may revise, update or modify these Terms and Conditions of sale at any time without notice. Any changes made will supersede any and all previous changes. We encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions whenever you use this Website.

Disclaimers: Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, SPS/DCINC makes no warranties, express or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of content on this website and assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained in the website or the operation of the website. By using the SPS website, you assume all risks associated with the use of this site including any risk to your computers, software or data being damaged by a virus, software, or any other files which might be transmitted or activated via the SPS website. SPS/DCINC expressly disclaims any liability for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost revenues, or lost profits, resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained in this website.

Indemnification: Said purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SPS/DCINC  from any and all claim's) resulting from the purchase or use of any of its products or services sold by SPS/DCINC, and from any legal action or claim's, damages, attorneys’ fees, arising from or related to your use of the SPS website and  instituted against SPS/DCINC under the statutes or common law, governing the State of Texas and not to exceed $10.00. Under no circumstances shall SPS/DCINC be responsible for incidental or consequential damages with respect to economic loss or injury to persons or property, arising out of use or careless mishandling, or the inability to use the product, whether as a result of breach, or express, or implied warranty, negligence or otherwise. It is the purchaser's responsibility to determine the suitability of the product's purchased from SPS/DCINC. And for the purchaser to determine for what the intended use shall be. Said  purchaser assumes all risk and full liability in connection with any and all products and or services purchased from SPS/DCINC or one of it's affiliate companies, vendors and or manufacturers.

Said purchaser shall be responsible for checking his country's, state and local laws before purchasing any products from SPS/DCINC. Any taxes, import fees, duties are the responsibility of the purchaser.  All recommendations and sales are made on condition that SPS/DCINC will not be held liable for determining the fitness for any application and or possible damages that may result from their use.

All Sales Are Final. Custom orders and Volume orders are non-cancelable and are non-refundable (NCNR). Unless prior to an order being placed said purchaser agrees in writing to alter the conditions of said sale and submit them to SPS/DCINC for approval, which must be granted in writing by an officer of SPS/DCINC prior to said sale. It is to be assumed by SPS/DCINC that a sale is considered final, if no request by said purchaser has been received prior to placing an order. This applies to all purchases, whether made by phone, in writing or in person. Therefore, when an order is received SPS/DCINC shall assume that said purchaser has carefully read and fully understands and agrees to accept the terms and conditions of sale as stated herein.

Satisfaction Guarantee: (Not to exceed 10 business days from shipment date depending on the product description) This applies to only non-electrical type products that can be replaced with like-merchandise (if available and in stock at the time of your request). This guarantee pertains to the (i.e. color, size, style, model) for the described products ordered. This guarantee does not apply to any custom orders, special requests, and or pre-owned or refurbished equipment. This guarantee excludes any freight charges, handling fees and processing fees, which apply, to the total purchase price. Any freight charges incurred, or miscellaneous charges will be charged to the purchaser in the event that SPS/DCINC agrees to an exchange or refund.

A Credit Card Authorization Request may be requested by customers who want to pay for goods with a company check, money order, wire transfer etc., or any other accepted non-credit form of payment. Payments must be received in full by said purchaser within a 7-30 business day time-frame or purchaser authorizes SPS/DCINC to convert or process the "Credit Card Authorization" into a non refundable sale. Charges may include any applicable sales tax, freight, handling, insurance charges that may apply. Until full payment is received and all funds have cleared the authorization will remain active until such time as agreed upon. If for any reason the buyer fails to send the payment as agreed within the specified time period specified or should the funds sent not clear as a result of insufficient funds, etc., said purchaser hereby agrees to and fully authorizes SPS/DCINC to convert the "Credit Card Authorization" into a  non-refundable "sale"  Said buyer fully understands that all sales are final and that the equipment purchased is not returnable or refundable. Free Technical Support if provided may be subject to cancellation and or limited or no service from SPS/DCINC until such time as full payment has been made.

Charge back policy in cases where customer may not recognize a valid sales transaction may be subject to a charge back fee of $35.00 plus incur interest charges of no less than the daily periodic rate of no less than 6% annually up to the maximum allowed by the state of Texas, beginning on the day of sale reversal until such time full balance is paid in full. If you have any questions regarding a possible fraudulent sale, charged to your credit card, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate. Regarding orders which are shipped to an address other than a credit card billing address must list the billing address on the order form (i.e. credit card billing address of the card holder) and it is to be assumed that said purchaser fully understands and agrees to assume full responsibility for payment if contacted by his or her credit card company in the event of a disputable sales reversal. Purchaser also agrees and fully understands that if in the event such a sales reversal should occur, purchaser is still responsible for full payment and interest as described above. In addition, said purchaser fully understands and agrees to pay any and all collection charges associated with the sale,  and also agrees to pay any and all legal fees, penalties, late charges, etc., deemed necessary by SPS/DCINC in order to recover full payment for the merchandise ordered. It is understood that all sales are final.

Credit Purchases: Defined as to purchase on credit. Non-Payment of Goods: Upon receipt of said company (s) purchase order said purchaser is liable and responsible for full payment within seven (7) business days (Designated as "Due Upon Receipt" in Terms) to no more than 30 days (net) of invoice date. Additional charges may be added for shipping, handling, and insurance costs. Said purchaser agrees to pay any and all late fees associated with purchase as described on said purchase order to include, late fee, any accrued interest for late payment which may accrue indefinitely at a rate of no less than six percent (6%) and up to the maximum allowed by the state of Texas (18% annually, estimated) effective 30 days after due date. In addition, said purchaser fully understands and agrees to pay any and all collection charges associated with said purchase, and agrees to pay any and all collection and or legal fees, penalties, late charges, accrued interest associated with said purchase and deemed necessary by SPS/DCINC and or its legal counsel or agent in order to recover any and all costs associated with said sale. It is understood that all sales are final. No refunds will be given.

International Orders: All payments should be in U.S. funds only and drawn against a U.S.  bank for faster clearing and processing. Acceptable payment methods include EFT (wire transfer of funds in US dollars) Most major credit cards and PayPal will not be accepted. Any shipping charges are FOB Origin/ Factory USA. Any freight promotions if available are limited to shipments within the Continental USA-48 states only and are subject to change without notice. Note: All funds must clear before be can ship. International purchasers are required to pay all  import fees, duties, taxes, etc. associated with their purchase. Please check with your customs office regarding any restricted products that may not be exported /imported into a foreign country.

If  SPS/DCINC agrees to honor said purchasers request for an exchange or refund, all products must be returned no later than 7 -10 business days from the date it was received. The Merchandise must also be in the same condition and packaging, that it was originally delivered in, secondly, there are no refunds for shipping charges to said purchaser unless an error on the part of SPS/DCINC was made. Any unauthorized returns will be returned to the purchasers at their expense. A (20%-25%) percent re-stocking fee may apply to the total order price.

Damaged Merchandise: If merchandise is damaged or defective due to shipping, etc. the customer must notify SPS/DCINC of the damaged  merchandise with 3 business days of delivery and return it promptly to SPS/DCINC and or to the specified repair location designated by SPS/DCINC within seven (7-10) business days of delivery. It must be noted on the BOL that the package was damaged in transit and the damages noted on the BOL. Receiving agent may elect to accept the damaged shipment or rejected the shipment altogether due to the visible or apparent damage. Damaged shipment which is found to be acceptable by the receiving agent will not be insured for loss or damage unless it is clearly stated in writing on the Bill of Lading and signed by both driver and receiving agent to acknowledge the extent of the visible damage. Pictures should be taken immediately and a damage claim processed with 48 hours of delivery. Shipments that exceed $200  in retail value will not be reshipped until such time as the damage/loss claim has been paid for and  settled by the carrier. (LTL or otherwise) Customer may elect to repurchase the product/equipment and all like merchandise cost will be refunded once the initial claim(s) are settled and paid in full.

Call tag may be issued for certain products under Mfg. Warranty for repair or replacement of defective merchandise at the Mfg's descretion. If SPS/DCINC elects to send a new product out before receiving the damaged equipment, only in certain cases, said purchaser agrees to pay the full retail price of any and all product's) not returned within the time period specified plus pay any additional interest charges up to (1.5%) percent per month (18% per annum) on the unpaid balance as of the 10th business day from receipt of goods. In addition, said purchaser agrees to pay any and all collection charges, any and all legal fees, penalties, late charges, etc., deemed necessary by SPS/DCINC to recover any and all merchandise and or full payment for the described non-returned merchandise. If the damaged merchandise is not returned in the specified time-period, said purchaser hereby agrees and fully authorizes SPS/DCINC to charge any unpaid balance owed plus any late fees and or penalties, processing fees described above using the same credit card on file (i.e., credit card) which was initially used for payment by said purchaser'. SPS/DCINC, SPS, requests that you check all paper work such as packing slips, invoices, estimates, etc. for their accuracy. SPS/DCINC assumes no liability  for any omissions or fitness for any application or order. All pricing is subject to change without notice. All shipments in the state of Texas are subject to the applicable Texas Sales Tax Rate..

Warranty: A product is considered void from warranty if the manufacture seal is broken and or missing. No refunds or credit will be issued for such merchandise. In the event the manufacturer's seal is altered as described above, the merchandise will be returned to the purchaser at his expense. This includes any return freight and handling charges incurred by SPS/DCINC or the manufacturer, vendor. This includes standard ground delivery rates for return freight to said purchaser, FOB origin/factory. Non payment in full for delivered goods may terminate and or suspend any warranty issues until such time as payment has been received in full, not to exceed the warranty time frame. If goods are under warranty, repair or replacement of the item shall be at the Vendor's/Mfg's discretion.

Incorrect Merchandise Ordered: It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the merchandise ordered is the correct merchandise for your application. Once an order has shipped or entered into our system for processing a service fee may be imposed of not more than (15%) of the total invoice amount and a restocking fee of  not less than (15%) and not more than (25%) may be charged to the purchaser in order for SPS/DCINC or one of its vendors/manufacturers to cancel the order. Some product manufactures models may be changed to a SKU number of our choosing. All products listed or shown on our website refer to a SKU number of our choosing and are used for product identification purposes only. This SKU numbers should not be confused or interpreted to be the manufacturers model number or SKU or ID number.

Goods returned under warranty must be accompanied by all manuals, accessories, software, and any other items included with the original shipment. Goods returned under warranty will be accepted under the terms of the warranty agreement as stipulated by the manufacturer, and are accepted subject to inspection by the manufacturer and/or the authorized repair agent. Said vendors and or manufacturer's will not warranty any product or equipment that has been misused, mishandled, returned inadequately packaged, or is malfunctioning as the result of abnormal, abusive or illegal use. The removal of any serial numbers, factor seals and/or warranty stickers will void the warranty. SPS/DCINC, or said Vendor or Mfg. will not repair or replace any damaged product caused by operation outside of designed working and storage environments, such as water damage, power surges, fluctuations and interference, lightning, and external peripheral devices. Should said vendor or manufacturer determines that the failure of the products/equipment returned under warranty was not the result of a defect in materials or workmanship, then SPS/DCINC and or the Manufacturer reserves the right to charge said Buyer a fair and reasonable price for any parts and or repair and said Buyer shall be responsible for freight and handling cost for the return of repaired goods.

Temporary replacement of damaged goods, and or defective goods will not be provided by SPS/DCINC  nor by said vendor or manufacturer when retail value exceeds $200.00 in retail value. (Click here for more information)  When goods under warranty are returned it is the responsibility of the purchaser to cover the return shipping and handling charges to designated repair facility and or factory.  Manufacturer may elect to return repaired or replacement products at their discretion.

FOB  Origin /Factory as stated on quotations or estimates means that the freight charges are only estimated for shipping the goods to any shipping point within the Contiguous 48 States. Shipments outside of the U.S.A. must be quoted at the time of the order or before shipping. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or abroad must be quoted separately. Any and all duties, taxes, import fee, brokers fees, etc. pertaining to said shipments are the sole responsibility of said purchaser. Purchasing party and or said agent of purchaser assumes full responsibility for checking on product compliance and any regulations which may pertain to export compliance pertaining to shipments leaving the USA. All arrangements must be made by purchaser with an authorized freight forwarding company to handle all the shipment requirements needed. SPS/DCINC is not an agent nor a freight forwarding company.

Products sent by USPS Express Mail®, Priority Mail®, Global Express Mail®, Global Priority Mail®, Global Airmail Parcel Post®, etc., may not be fully insured against loss. Therefore, loss insurance can be purchased, if requested to protect against unforeseen losses or damage for a nominal charge at your request. If contents are missing please contact us or the carrier immediately and fax us a copy of the parcel, envelop, label and or package so as to provide us with faster verification of damaged and or missing goods. See contact us page.

Shipping and handling (S&H) charges are non- refundable should a product be damaged in shipping, through no fault of SPS/DCINC, and or careless mishandling by shipper when no loss or damage insurance is purchased. Insurance may be purchased to cover any damages in transit at the request of the purchaser. We will notify you of the charges before we ship any product costing more than $100.00 USD's.  Note: Certain electronic merchandise can be easily damaged if wired incorrectly. Therefore we (Manufacturers) have strict return policies on such equipment that requires electrical wiring to any AC/DC power source.

SPS/DCINC appreciates your business and strives to provide dependable service to all of our customers. We look forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied customers. SPS/DCINC may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions of Sale by updating this document.

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